Our special education advocates work to provide families with information, resources, and support—including navigating the IEP process.

Advocacy is a service that provides identification of resources, information, and support for families of individuals with disabilities.

The goal of the Advocacy Director is to provide the necessary information and support so that families can better advocate for themselves. This service also includes assistance with organizing, preparing for, and understanding the IEP process and IDEA.

You do not need to be a family member or parent of an MRCA student to receive advocacy services.

The Matthew Reardon Center for Autism’s Advocacy Director’s services are FREE and available to any family in the Coastal Georgia region (and beyond). 

Advocacy Services Request Form

Contact our advocacy team! Your information will remain confidential and is not shared with anyone outside of MRCA staff. If you are seeking IEP assistance, please provide as much information as possible so that our staff are prepared when responding.

This form is to request assistance from one of our advocates. If you are looking for community resources, please see our resources page.