Early Learning Academy

The Early Learning Academy is a place for every child to learn their world creatively through intentional play, meaningful interactions, and inquisitive exploration. Our goal is to incorporate all children in safe, creative, special classrooms where learning becomes a fun daily experience. The program is designed to foster all educational and emotional developmental areas for toddlers (18 months) to pre-kindergarten (48-60 months).

The Early Learning Academy is designed to accommodate children with Autism in an inclusive setting which provides exceptional opportunities for kids with and without exceptionalities. Studies have proven children diagnosed with Autism who receive early intervention services have shown to have greater academic and social outcomes later in life. All youth who participate in inclusive settings are offered the opportunity to learn acceptance of differences, additional educational resources in the classroom from various therapists, and how to create meaningful relationships with all individuals.

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We are now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year. Click Here to apply.