Board of Directors

A unique organization in Savannah, Georgia, the Matthew Reardon Center for Autism offers preschool for all young children, including children with autism and an accredited, ABA-based year-round day school for autistic children, teens and young adults. Our academies are innovative, evidence-based educational environments where every child is valued and loved. Additionally, our advocacy team serves families impacted by special needs and self-advocates throughout southeast Georgia.


Rusty Zittrauer, PhD, Chairman

Dana Schuller Smith, PhD, Vice-Chair

Pete Hoyt, JD, CPA Treasurer

Madigan Critell, Secretary

Mills Morrison II, JD, Chancellor

Kim Reardon, Emerita

Walter Reardon

Kevin M. Crouch, Esq.

Patty Turner-Crosby

John Kraft

Jermaine Moultry

Jack O’Connor, President and CEO