Overcoming It!

What is #OvercomingIt?
We all face challenges. We each have strengths and weaknesses, talents and dreams. For people living with autism, communication and social interactions can be difficult, much like walking a balance beam is difficult for many of us. With good coaching, most will overcome the challenge and learn to walk the beam. At The Matthew Reardon Center for Autism (MRCA), we “coach” children and families affected by autism, helping them find their balance in the world.
#OvercomingIt is a campaign to encourage each of us, but especially persons with autism and other developmental differences, to confront their challenges—no matter how insurmountable they may appear to be. The #OvercomingIt hashtag is a call to lead through example, encouraging each other in our individual quests. It’s a call for the bold and the brave to address a personal challenge and demonstrate what that looks like in video and photography.

Make a Difference

#OvercomingIt encompasses the whole gamut of human victories—from the deeply moving to the silly. Just record a quick smartphone video of yourself overcoming a personal challenge, post it to social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, etc.) and tag it with the #OvercomingIt hashtag. Share with your friends and encourage them to show how they are #OvercomingIt.

And while you are at it, consider making a donation. Every dollar contributed to MRCA directly improves the quality of life for someone affected by autism. Help us alter the perception of autism and other developmental differences by standing in solidarity with persons challenged by those differences. Identify with your neighbor who, like every one of us, has his/her own unique talents and obstacles to tackle.

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