Early Learning PHILOSOPHY

The Matthew Reardon Early Learning Academy is a fun and structured inclusion preschool modeled on incidental learning through play.

Our Learning Philosophy

At the Early Learning Academy, we believe that a child’s play is his work and that children learn best when having fun! Learning is guided by experienced teachers using incidental teaching in defined activity centers, providing hands-on opportunities for art, science and sensory play, books, puzzles, math and literacy materials. We foster a language-enriched environment that encourages social interaction, creativity, motor development, and exploratory learning.

Our program is designed to foster educational and emotional development for children ranging from toddlers (18 months) through pre-kindergarten (48-60 months). The Early Learning Academy provides a superior learning environment for all children. We provide supports for every child, including children with learning differences/delays (such as autism), through low student to teacher ratios, enhanced classroom staff training and needed therapeutic interventions within the classroom setting. Research has demonstrated that all children benefit from an inclusive environment where differences are valued and celebrated.

Key Features

  • Safety always comes first. Student to teacher ratios fall well below state standards; typically 3 to 1.

  • Teachers are selected for being happy and energetic, as well as meeting experience and educational requirements.

  • Family-friendly—parent involvement is always invited and appreciated.

  • Inclusive—most children enrolled are developing at or above the level that is typical of other children their age, and diversity of children and learning styles is valued. Children with autism or developmental delay are included with individualized early intervention plans that enable them to learn along with their typical peers.

  • Enriched Learning Environment—emphasizes enhancement of language and social skills, major areas of growth for all young children. Additional areas of instruction, appropriate to each child’s age, include independence (e.g., in eating, dressing, toileting, etc.); and kindergarten readiness (e.g., colors, math, science, etc.) are blended into everyday preschool activities.

Our Purposes

  • To provide an exceptional educational and developmental environment for children

  • To promote social, emotional, physical and intellectual development in every child

  • To offer support and early childhood parent education to families

  • To serve as an internship site for Early Childhood, Education and Behavioral Science Programs at GA Southern University, Savannah State University,  and Savannah Technical College