Katherine’s Story

My son Jake has been attending the Matthew Reardon Early Learning Center for 6 weeks. In six weeks, he has had more growth than he has in the past year. He has developmental, speech, and physical delays. They have been invaluable in helping him. By having both neurotypical and non-neurotypical children together, the benefits for both can’t be overstated. There is no other place for my 2 and a half year old to go. Daycares and schools turn him down for simply being delayed. Six weeks ago, he couldn’t leave my side, couldn’t answer to his own name, had maybe 10 words, wouldn’t interact with other kids, and was made fun of because of his delays.

The Matthew Reardon Early Learning Center has changed all of that! I owe them more than I could ever pay (and have paid to therapists and specialists). No one has had success with Jake, except them. Kids like my son are incredibly overlooked and since moving here, I can say Georgia specifically. Matthew Reardon refuses to let my son be overlooked and I can’t imagine our lives without them. To cut their funding would send a very clear message to special needs parents, like myself, and perpetuate the idea among neurotypical parents that their children shouldn’t be socializing or growing with kids who just need a little extra help. I hope you truly understand the importance of all diversity, neurological included and you make the decision that is in the best interest of the citizens with no voice to fight for themselves.

Please don’t send the aforementioned message to my child. I’m begging you to demand more for Georgia’s children because all they need is to be seen and appreciated.

— Katherine | Pooler, GA