The Marie Backus McGaughey Award for Childhood

Thank you, Molly Lieberman and Loop It Up Savannah, for your service!

The Marie Backus McGaughey Award for Childhood philanthropy was established in 2015 to honor one of Savannah’s important benefactors. Marie McGaughey has quietly contributed to our city for decades, supporting important institutions that range from health care to houses of worship. In the early years of operation, Mrs. McGaughey helped keep the Matthew Reardon Center afloat when it looked like we might have to close our doors. She has remained a staunch supporter of our mission, and this award honors those who, like her, are generous beyond measure to childhood causes. Full disclosure: Mrs. McGaughey bears the distinct honor of being Matthew Reardon’s grandmother!

This 2018 recipient of the Marie Backus McGaughey Award for Childhood Philanthropy is Molly Lieberman. Molly is a household name to many a young Savannahian. A Massachusetts native, who like many, found her way to our town by way of SCAD, has been described as an innate nurturer. While still a student, Molly made her foray into the Savannah non-profit world as coordinator of a creative after school art program at the West Broad Street YMCA. Out of this experience, her independent organization Loop it up Savannah was born. Loop it Up Savannah brings art to young children, but it is so much more than that. Through Loop it Up, Molly has nurtured, fed, clothed, soothed, educated, and provided refuge countless children. She has become a godmother to many. For her love, dedication, and ceaseless joy to provide for Savannah’s young community, we honor Molly Lieberman with the 2018 Marie Backus McGaughey Award.