How Public Option Killed a Freeway

I googled “how to be a Wikipedia editor” and found this short article on,

Let’s get one thing out there first: Anybody can edit Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. In that sense, anyone can be a Wikipedia editor. However, to be trusted within the Wikipedia community requires a bit more effort. This article will show you how easy it is to get started and set you on the right path to being a Wikipedia editor.

A trusted member of the Wikipedia community is exactly what 16 year old Caleb has become. A student at MRCA’s ADVANCE Academy, Caleb’s most recent contributions include creating college football rivalry pages for Georgia Tech vs Tennessee, and UNC vs USC. Caleb has also recently contributed immense amounts of edits to reality TV show Wiki pages. He says there is a lot of vandalism on these pages. Caleb dutifully monitors changes, and corrects information as necessary. His latest work has been keeping up with vandalism on the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” Wiki page, and also “Ice Loves Coco”.

For each one of the pages that Caleb creates, or edits, he spends hours researching references on the internet, making sure his information is correct and accurate.

Caleb did not, however, start with college rivalries and reality tv shows. His first passion is for highway traffic and interstate routes. Caleb has been fascinated with municipal infrastructure, freeways, and routing since he was a child. Once he was able to read and use the computer, Caleb took his vast knowledge of our country’s interstate system to Wikipedia. He has contributed numerous updates and edits regarding routes and alternate routes off of major interstates such as I-95.

I asked Caleb what was his favorite route to edit, and he said “it was 165 in Indiana which got cancelled”. See the page, 

Fascinated by his vast knowledge, I asked him how I could get to L.A. from Savannah. Without hesitation, Caleb instructed me to

Take I-16 to Macon, then I-75 to 285, then I-20 to Birmingham. Then take the 459 bypass, take I-20 to I-10. Stay on I-10 through Jackson, MS, Dallas, Tuscon, and Phoenix, all the way to L.A.”

Caleb says if he could go anywhere it would be to observe the flow of traffic in Atlanta. He likes the multiple lanes of trucks and cars moving through the city. I asked Caleb how he feels about traffic in Savannah. He quickly replied, “I hate it.” To fix the traffic congestion in Savannah, Caleb advises that “a new freeway would have to be built. It would have to be public option.” Caleb cites, as an example, the proposed freeway 485 in Atlanta which was killed in a public option vote.