“The Tough Kid”: Practical Behavior Management

Autism Learning Academy Savannah Georgia

Presented by:

The Matthew Reardon Center for Autism, Inc. Presents:

Maranda L. Porter, MSP

Outreach Coordinator/Behavior Consultant


Presentation learning objectives: 

  • Define Tough Kids in a practical, educational way that includes the externalizing behavioral excesses of aggression, noncompliance, and arguing and the behavioral deficits of self-management, social skills, and academic difficulties.
  • Conduct an assessment process for Tough Kids that is linked to classroom interventions.
  • Identify basic causes of Tough Kid problem behaviors, particularly the coercive process.
  • Implement proactive classroom strategies to avert later problematic behaviors.
  • Increase positive reinforcement in classrooms using unique and practical procedures.
  • Use effective reductive techniques that reduce classroom problem behaviors.
  • Design motivation-based interventions to improve the academic abilities of Tough Kids.
  • Include and integrate Tough Kids into less-restrictive educational environments.

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