MRCA & Advance Academy Wish List

Introducing: The Wish List

Would you like an opportunity to make a difference our students’ classrooms? Are you yearning to bring a smile to our hard-working teachers?

Below you will find a list of items needed in our Advance Academy classrooms, and/or throughout the Matthew Reardon Center for Autism. Some of these items are used in teaching our students self-help skills and daily functioning skills such as preparing a meal, and maintaining a clean living space. Some items are an integral part of building an effective teaching environment. The pediatric AED is a critical component to first aid response, especially for our students who have related health conditions.

If you would like more details about a particular wish-list item, please call (912-355-9098) or email ( and we will be happy to supply that information.


Current Wish List items: jalen

  1. Mobile, pediatric AED
  2. Fire-proof File Cabinet
  3. Smartboard
  4. Small Kitchen Utensils (to teach cooking)
  5. Teacher Desk Chairs
  6. Student Cubby Kit
  7. Kinetic Sand